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You Can’t Go Back

You can’t go back.  No matter where we are in our life’s journey, the past is merely what was experienced prior to this moment which allowed us to realize even higher potential. Of course we would rather not repeat unpleasant experiences, but even the good ones aren’t meant to be repeated.Creating your path can't go back

Those who’s vocations involve helping others heal are often working with people who want to get back to what they were doing, the way they were doing things, from the same motivation. Or, they sense they are ready to “change”, yet think this means going back to certain activities and motivations that they believe made them feel good in the past. “If I can just “get back” to how I was before this happened”…

Not only are we never meant to go back, it’s technically impossible to do so. Life is tirelessly striving to improve itself. Due to quantum physics, the place you identify as your house is not identical molecularly or energetically moment to moment. You “recreate” the space and how it responds to you from whatever state of being you— and others that interact with the space— are perceiving from at that moment. If we consciously attempt to recreate a process or event to the best of our recollection, our new experience will still be fundamentally different, even if we aren’t conscious of those new details.

When Our Comfort Zone Becomes Uncomfortable

The rub is if we believe things should be the same, we create disharmony between our perception and our higher potential. This is why some of us do something over and over again that initially felt amazing, and since we don’t get the identical rush of reward we remember having, will increase the quantity or intensity of that action until the bodymind begins to break down. We may be repeating actions and thoughts, therefore energetically attracting similar circumstances to create similar outcomes, but it just won’t be the same as an initial experience that was meant to lead you to something else.

I’m not referring to temporarily habituating a skill so we don’t have to consciously think about it anymore to navigate the world, like learning to drive. Nor do I mean we shouldn’t practice a vocational pursuit. Yet we have been taught that success is precisely mimicking and automating techniques recorded by others who had success in the past, then repeating those steps forever, even if they become boring or taxing. We are taught that such suffering is not just normal, it’s necessary. That’s how we think we “earn” our place in the world. And the euphoria of temporary reprieve, such as reaching a goal or going on a vacation, is our reward. Then what?

We see this type of success everywhere, yet are all these skillful people healthy and fulfilled? Consider those televised talent competitions where it is apparent everyone has amazing ability, has been told if they put in the focused work that they can be the best, and have obviously spent such effort… yet only one person can “‘win”. And there’s only a relative handful of paying gigs for certain types of performers, athletes, etc… in relation to how many people are striving to become one of the chosen. Therefore, the others aren’t “good enough”, and if they don’t give up, they work “harder” until they break down. In the meantime, there is usually high dependency upon multiple therapy modalities to survive this process.

People that are highly skilled resulting from enormous, calculated effort at executing activities that society has conditioned itself to believe are important and impressive, are finding themselves unfulfilled. Such discipline stifles authentic creativity, which is necessary for Life to efficiently evolve and thrive. Instead, rigidity and inability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances ensues. Trying to control every detail is exhausting, because we aren’t meant to.

This approach is not limited to vocational pursuit. Since everything we attempt in our lives is executed from a habitual state of being and doing, trying to maintain individual wellbeing is forced from the same calculated effort. Whether physical, emotional or spiritual, we are told by experts and gurus to follow a strict formula that will result in health, happiness or enlightenment.

Using a Method to Initiate Change

I noticed through my client’s and my own journeys that if a method is helpful, those effects are temporarily. Following specific advise does help people open to new ideas, break some old habits, and develop new ones to get a flow of change started. Yet too often, if we experience some relief, we attribute this to something outside our power fixing us and try to return to our familiar lives. Even if we want other things to improve, we continue to allow our environments: friends, family, material things, work issues, the news, etc… to condition our behavior and the parameters of our wellbeing.

Once a method has opened a path, it’s “your move”: meaning you either begin to tap-in to your own higher guidance and focus your attention toward positive potential; or, get distracted with the aftermath of what was set in motion from the old self and others, and need the next method to get reinspired. This loop has become a lifestyle, as overcoming hardship is glorified to the extent of being THE path to worthiness and wisdom. So we perpetually regurgitate other people’s suffering and create more issues to make it harder on ourselves, while ignoring higher potential asking to be expressed through us. Eventually, what “works” to experience one’s fullest potential— whether health, vocation, spiritual connection, or any aspect of life— is diligently cultivating a deep, loving relationship with your unique Self.

The best methods and practitioners are those who offer tools of self-empowerment, and understand they are merely a temporary co-creator of our journey to embodying the True Self.
It’s opening the opportunity to take full responsibility for every aspect of our own life experience. We can learn how to tune-in to our built-in biofeedback system, and discover the next layer of our abilities and genius from a place of self-empowerment instead of survival.

Becoming Empowered with a Quantum Perspective

This means embarking on a new perspective of Life that is an endless journey. There is no definitive goal that must be achieved to earn worthiness, health or happiness. There is no age or experience constraint— if you are breathing now, you can chose to open to something yet to be. There is no requisite suffering or efforting. There is always more love, more clarity, more creativity, more joy, more ability, and more understanding to be realized. The word “more” is not being used as a quantitative factor, accumulating stuff and information that creates density and blockage. Here, more means new, different and fuller than past experience. We release past truths that otherwise become limitations, trusting we have integrated whatever was needed to learn— whether 10 decades, years, days or even seconds. Time, age and meaning as we knew them to be are not factors in quantum reality.

We are blessed to live in an amazing era where we get to pioneer quantum beingness, no longer limited to manipulating things from a matter-effecting-matter, linear reality. We can choose to consciously expand into the larger reality of energy-effecting-matter, and play with the possibilities. When full attention is paid to the creative process from a positive perspective, we powerfully direct the course of the future toward more love, beauty, prosperity and wellbeing… and are free to enjoy experiencing Life as it unfolds in the present moment. With this possibility waiting to be expressed through you, do you want to go back?

Kriste Brushaber is a holistic movement and life guide, and founder of Homeostasis Movement™


Surfing Chaos in the Age of Consciousness

As history demonstrates, chaos always proceeds significant transformation. In other words, it’s a necessary part of that transformation as what no longer serves breaks down. Evolution has never been a linear process, and when we are just looking at a snapshot within the process, there are bits that aren’t going to look so good. So when things are seemingly falling apart and we are feeling the confusion, it’s actually an invitation to update our own perception of what life could be beyond our past boundaries/beliefs/goals. We have the opportunity to intentionally participate in the creative process.

Currents 1 Karen Pittenger surfing chaos consciousnessLike the Renaissance, Industrial Age, and other major shifts in history: like it or not, we are currently in the midst of a universal doozie. Many are experimenting with new ways of being and perceiving as this Age of Consciousness expands. What is it like to be inspired by positive potential rather than motivated by discomfort or fear? For others, even if there are moments of clarity, the conditioned self that thrives on negative emotions will get the best of us if we don’t begin the process of embracing a larger reality.

What is “a larger reality”? This means that yes, there is the physical, manifested, detected by our gross senses reality; AND, there is the nonphysical, unmanifest, accessed by our imagination and subtle feeling senses reality… and a lot more we haven’t yet evolved to sense at all. Humanity is being invited to learn how to intentionally blend these seemingly separate concepts. The term “oneness” is beyond a sense of being interconnected with incarnate people, other beings, or the planet… it is merging the physical and nonphysical “realities” into a larger reality which includes all.

Time as we once knew it to be no longer exists or matters in this state of being, and we will have to acclimate ourselves to a new ebb-and-flow of information being transmitted, received, processed, and utilized. If we remain stuck in the old concept of time, confusion is experienced when events seem to happen too slow or amazingly fast, and achieving a certain goal in the physical realm isn’t as fulfilling as we imagined it should be in reference to time and effort spent. Paralyzing frustration ensues. To open oneself to the concept of divine timing rather than time transpiring takes a new level of courage— not a one-time explosive push like taking one’s first leap out of a plane, rather leaps of faith that has to be felt into every day, moment by moment, definitive yet gentle enough to allow unfamiliar possibility to flow.

We can drown in a spiral of confusion, or ride the wave of change. And like surfers understand, there is a level of surrender that must happen— you can’t fight or manipulate the wave. If you start obsessing about the how’s and why’s of the behavior of the wave with your analytical mind: “why is it doing this now… this should be acting differently… when will this be over…”, you lower the volume on your internal compass required for both your enjoyment and successful journey. Taking this analogy further, the word “surrender” is not a passive activity. A surfer doesn’t lay down and fall asleep. Engaging a relationship with the entity of the Wave that is no longer purely physical, there is an increase of presence, constant yet subtle course correcting (that eventually becomes unconsciously automatic), and the joyful mystery of not knowing exactly how this ride will play out.

Updating your understanding of consciousness, fulfillment is now experiencing the endless process of Life powerfully flowing through you, as both observer and creator.

Kriste Brushaber is a holistic movement and life guide, and founder of Homeostasis Movement™