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Are We Ready for Healing?

Ready for healing Homeostasis Movement

Possibility is everything. As a Self actualization coach, I follow the latest findings in neurology, physiology, and biology about the adaptability of the human bodymind. With each discovery— such as how habits are pruned and wired with measurable neurophysiological changes— naturally there is excitement about learning something new. Yet this can quickly lead to tunnel vision, isolating a subject in a way that dismisses peripheral factors. We forget that each mechanism studied in detail is an interconnected sub-system of a larger holon orchestrating multiple processes.

The human bodymind, like all of life, is constantly evolving. Scientific study of a living organism designed to adapt with every bit of information processed can only review bits of a moment in time that has already past and moved on to the next potential. Then there’s the observer effect that illustrates whatever is being observed (studied, analyzed, etc…) is being influenced by the observer. Science will always be playing catch-up to what is actually true and possible.

For example, earlier pioneers of DNA studies discarded the role of regulatory proteins. It turns out these proteins govern which section of DNA is selected, copied, modified, and expressed. It’s only been recently, and reluctantly, that researchers are embracing epigenetic theory that includes regulatory proteins, and so much more.

When a new piece of the puzzle is observed, we want to exclaim “this is it!”, wishing now that we know this part, we can create a drug or therapy that will fix people by manipulating this piece. And sometimes, in a relative handful of cases, it seems to work. For others, marginal improvement is experienced, increasing some ability and dignity. Then there’s the folks who don’t respond, get worse, or just trade one issue for another due to side effects or discover something else lurking underneath what they thought they were treating.

Scientific study is obviously valuable as one of many mechanisms for understanding life, as long as we remember there will always be infinite possibilities that has yet to be created, discovered, and experienced.

The Potential in Possibility

It’s becoming more apparent that a person’s state of holistic being, especially their attitudes about possibility, tips the scale of health expression. Regardless of the pathology and all the fascinating biological mechanisms involved, or the treatment chosen to address it: if an individual is open to positive possibility more than statistics or pessimistic opinion, they seem to have a greater chance of experiencing improvement. And for some, they make such a powerful decision that they are going to embody a new state of being, that they do, treatment or not. New studies in neuroscience show the real, hardwired changes in the brain when this occurs.

Possibility (artist unknown)As quantum physics is suggesting, moment by moment, the observer collapses possibility into reality. Therefore, it is theorized that the difference between those who seem to suffer from chronic problems or not heal as well as others, and those who seem to maintain wellbeing with little effort or experience spontaneous recoveries, is subconscious beliefs deciding what is possible (or not) within an individual or a group of people. Perceptions and intentions govern how we are recreating ourselves at every moment.

Focusing Our Attention

I prefer to focus upon the mechanisms of thriving and adapting than what makes people sick. This annoys some who want to discuss health and wellbeing with me, as we have been lead to believe that studying what makes people sick is how we learn to stop sickness. In my view, that is just discussing and perpetuating sickness, not wellness. I believe if we spend our energy practicing what inspires our bodymind to express health and joy with the least amount of tinkering, there would be exponentially less disease to heal. Luckily, there’a a wave of renegade scientists and medical professionals who are shifting their attention likewise.

With easy accessibility to infinite information, a healer, guide, or someone desiring to improve can get trapped in the details about the mechanisms of both illness and wellness. We risk the over-intellectualizing that blocks the flow of possibility. A new “box” of thought without embodied experience is created. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the experience of empowered wellbeing no matter how that happened.

If anyone decides to take a look beyond their normal scope of awareness with the intention of seeking exceptions to the rules, they will find them. There’s over 7 billion people after all, and medical studies are taken from a tiny fraction of the population with a predetermined intention. Examples are everywhere of people that seem to operate from another reality since they are not following recommended health practices, yet still thrive. And, many have fully healed from “incurable” diseases. The realization that all these humans are born with the same basic biological hardware as you and me, is proof that nothing is inevitable. Unless, due to the placebo and nocebo effect, we believe something is inevitable. The worst epidemic today is allowing limiting beliefs to run our biology.

Although each human body is equipped with the same systems, the brilliance of this organic machine is that it is designed to be customized with every experience. No two people’s experiences are identical, which means each of us are uniquely wired. Therefore, what equates to ultimate wellbeing for one person will not be exactly the same as the other.

Embracing the Quantum Era

Scientific discoveries can lead to helpful insights and treatments. And, there are also well documented non-medical practices and therapies that millions of people wholeheartedly credit for their healing or wellbeing, scientifically studied or not. I have learned to accept any process employed within someone’s journey which opens a path of empowered living.

This leads to something all of us: practitioners, patients, clients, students… need to embrace: we are creating the possibility of wellness from the unknown, including drawing upon the wisdom distilled from what has already helped others. We tap into this by opening ourselves to new and infinite potential. Our intuition must be employed to guide us through the endless sea of information to hone-in on what is relevant to the unique being standing before us in the moment; whether that being is one’s self, or someone else asking for help.

What ultimately drives my vocational intention: once emerging through the threshold of feeling better or embracing possibility, regardless of how, THEN WHAT? Do we seize the opportunity to discover and express our True Being now that we are healthier? Or do we continue to shrink away from our greatness and avoid engaging a new phase of our lives, since this would require significant change in every aspect of our living reality. If the latter, we cling to the familiar: some staying preoccupied with further manipulating their physical bodies; others chronically seeking more data. Or, we return to old habits until another reason to heal from something emerges.

We experience healing beyond expectation when we fully plunge into next part of our life journey. The fun of welcoming new experiences becomes more compelling than the familiarity of what has transpired. And for more people, realizing the challenge in the form of an issue, big or small; whether physical, social, financial, or any other… was the signal to welcome a new state of being which integrates and amplifies body, mind, heart, and Soul.

Kriste Brushaber is a holistic movement and life guide and founder of Homeostasis Movement™