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Surfing Chaos in the Age of Consciousness

As history demonstrates, chaos always proceeds significant transformation. In other words, it’s a necessary part of that transformation as what no longer serves breaks down. Evolution has never been a linear process, and when we are just looking at a snapshot within the process, there are bits that aren’t going to look so good. So when things are seemingly falling apart and we are feeling the confusion, it’s actually an invitation to update our own perception of what life could be beyond our past boundaries/beliefs/goals. We have the opportunity to intentionally participate in the creative process.

Currents 1 Karen Pittenger surfing chaos consciousnessLike the Renaissance, Industrial Age, and other major shifts in history: like it or not, we are currently in the midst of a universal doozie. Many are experimenting with new ways of being and perceiving as this Age of Consciousness expands. What is it like to be inspired by positive potential rather than motivated by discomfort or fear? For others, even if there are moments of clarity, the conditioned self that thrives on negative emotions will get the best of us if we don’t begin the process of embracing a larger reality.

What is “a larger reality”? This means that yes, there is the physical, manifested, detected by our gross senses reality; AND, there is the nonphysical, unmanifest, accessed by our imagination and subtle feeling senses reality… and a lot more we haven’t yet evolved to sense at all. Humanity is being invited to learn how to intentionally blend these seemingly separate concepts. The term “oneness” is beyond a sense of being interconnected with incarnate people, other beings, or the planet… it is merging the physical and nonphysical “realities” into a larger reality which includes all.

Time as we once knew it to be no longer exists or matters in this state of being, and we will have to acclimate ourselves to a new ebb-and-flow of information being transmitted, received, processed, and utilized. If we remain stuck in the old concept of time, confusion is experienced when events seem to happen too slow or amazingly fast, and achieving a certain goal in the physical realm isn’t as fulfilling as we imagined it should be in reference to time and effort spent. Paralyzing frustration ensues. To open oneself to the concept of divine timing rather than time transpiring takes a new level of courage— not a one-time explosive push like taking one’s first leap out of a plane, rather leaps of faith that has to be felt into every day, moment by moment, definitive yet gentle enough to allow unfamiliar possibility to flow.

We can drown in a spiral of confusion, or ride the wave of change. And like surfers understand, there is a level of surrender that must happen— you can’t fight or manipulate the wave. If you start obsessing about the how’s and why’s of the behavior of the wave with your analytical mind: “why is it doing this now… this should be acting differently… when will this be over…”, you lower the volume on your internal compass required for both your enjoyment and successful journey. Taking this analogy further, the word “surrender” is not a passive activity. A surfer doesn’t lay down and fall asleep. Engaging a relationship with the entity of the Wave that is no longer purely physical, there is an increase of presence, constant yet subtle course correcting (that eventually becomes unconsciously automatic), and the joyful mystery of not knowing exactly how this ride will play out.

Updating your understanding of consciousness, fulfillment is now experiencing the endless process of Life powerfully flowing through you, as both observer and creator.

Kriste Brushaber is a holistic movement and life guide, and founder of Homeostasis Movement™