Are We or Aren’t We Doomed? Becoming a Quantum Pioneer

Quantum pioneer homeostasis movementHave you checked-in with your beliefs lately? As you experienced life, many beliefs you had once-upon-a-time have evolved, mostly in response to cultural conditioning and major life events. And, if you were to observe all of your recent thoughts and behaviors, you would discover that old subconscious programming wired by old beliefs that no longer serve you is auto-running the show, sabotaging new intentions no matter how honorable.

Even among those who embrace the concepts of quantum theory, spiritual concepts of interconnectedness and infinity, and the newest findings in neuroscience: the habit of ruminating what is or could go wrong, while dismissing prevalent evidence of what is going well and positive potential is strongly wired. “I believe in this, BUT”…

Wishing or knowing isn’t enough.  As someone who has partially “crossed the river of change”— still experiencing shreds of her old self pridefully protesting with all her might, yet truly enjoying increased wellbeing and understanding within— I would like to share some things I am learning.

From the most progressive scientific, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs about reality (which are rapidly merging) it is suggested that where we place our attention is what we create or perpetuate. For better or worse, our energy is spent through our intention and attention, energizing the recipient of that attention. Observers collapse waves into particles, creating incarnate reality. Whether something already incarnated is being reincarnated every moment with continued observation, or a new potential resonating in the infinite field of possibility is being attracted and collapsed: we are, consciously and unconsciously, creating our current life experience… and therefore, our future.

If quantum theory is valid, then endless possibility exists. And from that possibility we get to consciously choose to experience a positive future, even a positive now. This requires mustering the courage to become a quantum pioneer and spelunk into the unknown, starting with our own neurobiology and therefore personal experience. Breaking the habit of allowing negative stimulus to be what motivates us, and instead inviting positive evidence and potential to inspire us, takes that pioneering spirit. At this time in history, I feel this the most powerful way to serve the greater good.

Would you rather be coerced, or inspired?

Many of us punish ourselves directly by conjuring and feeding worse-case-scenarios in our imagination, reliving misfortunes long past, and consuming media which endorses this behavior. The resulting emotions bathe our biology in stress hormones over and over again. Even when there is evidence abound that there is so much good transpiring, that doesn’t stop the habit since we are now chemically primed to find fault. The good is blocked from perception in this state of being. Life becomes a burdensome experience when our nervous system is fried and our body’s resources are depleted, leaving us less able to handle even small challenges. And yet, our amazing bodyminds can still survive this for days, weeks, even years. Imagine what we could do otherwise!

And if you haven’t noticed, trying to scare people into making different choices is less and less effective. From the old cause-and-effect mentality, we try to stamp-out what is deemed negative. Like movies/television/literature obsessively portray: from a disempowered state of being, we calculate the wrongness of other’s choices and rehearse infallible arguments which will magically induce the adoption of our viewpoint. When that doesn’t work, some become more determined to figure out how to expose, and eventually punish others. Yet the more resistance is applied (which is attention and energy) the more empowered the subject of that resistance becomes. Instead, we can direct our attention toward what will replace past ways of thinking, feeling and doing… empowering better choices and experiences. Having a quantum-based perspective takes us from cause-and-effect (victim) to causing an effect (creator).

In the big picture, it’s projected that major shifts in collective consciousness take only a relative handful of souls. Not everyone, not even a majority: less than 10% of the population. We don’t have to worry about convincing everybody to believe or behave a certain way. As we practice inner transformation and positive outlook, we attract others teetering on the threshold, and more inspired co-creators become available. I’m inspired to write this and send it out into the world, not to convince skeptics, but to share with those who are already resonating in the vicinity and could use some positive reinforcement.

A significant enough population has answered the call to take individual responsibility, wholeheartedly exploring these concepts, and are now collaborating with more “imaginal cells”. Even as resistive activism continues in other circles, the energetic scale has already been recalibrated. Gratitude for those who have done the heavy lifting up to this moment.

If not me, who? Commitment and Adventure

Is there undesirable stuff happening? Yep. Is there amazing, wonderful stuff happening? Yep. And if you are reading this, you are the recipient of the good that has evolved— what we have collectively brought into focus by our focus. How do I know? Because you are breathing and using some kind of computer, and therefore have effortless access to more knowledge and opportunity than anyone in manifest history. In this context, a vast array of resources to help initiate and support self-transformation is available, from free downloads, books, teleseminars, practice groups, to private mentoring and live workshops. What’s compelling me currently is the books, meditations and workshops offered by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

There will never be a better time to begin. Fearing the unknown, our old self will say you must wait for certain circumstances outside yourself to transpire. There will always be a condition you or someone else can justify to postpone. This is the first challenge: to choose now, and re-choose now again and again until you find you are really walking a new path.

Being a quantum pioneer is an inside job, so you can start this very moment. We can intentionally rewire our neurology, and people are doing it. Empirical scientific evidence is being amassed as more brave souls commit. Yet since this is a relatively new idea to the public, and the fact that each of us is wired uniquely, there isn’t a clear-cut, easy-peasy, “right” way to do this: hence, the term pioneer. Some challenges: confusion while the old and new personalities sporadically emerge, reactions from others, having to let go of everything you thought defined you even if it was once a good thing, and wishing your loved ones were taking this journey at the same time when you see them looping in emotional habits you are leaving in your past.

After all, neurologically speaking, you are literally losing your old mind and creating a new one.

Rewiring our neurobiology to tip the scales from negative to positive bias takes full commitment, no matter what practice you choose as a starting vehicle. However, the era of giving one’s power away to blindly follow a religion’s or guru’s teachings has passed. Full commitment means you are all-in: body, mind, spirit, and heart; and that you remain awake in the driver’s seat:

  • Taking full responsibility for your life experience, remembering no one else’s choices are responsible for your wellbeing/happiness/success.
  • Accessing your direct connection to Source and Divine guidance.
  • Being compassionate with yourself with the process as old programming is breaking down.
  • Change how you perceive life that allows the best version of you to emerge.

Technically, you already possess all the inner resources, and have access to higher consciousness as much as anyone else. Tapping into the part of your True Self that knows you are Divine and able, you could open your heart and ignite your own transformation without following any existing practice if you got out of your own way. And yet, although the decision to commit is a personal one, those who depend solely on willpower discover that isn’t enough long-term. At some point, with over 7 billion people on the planet, we aren’t here to go it alone. We’re here to collaborate and co-create, learning how Unconditional Love works.

Be aware that any practice should evolve as you do. You won’t be doing the same process with the same intention over and over for years to master a concept like days of yore— our ability to initiate and experience change has evolved!  As you are transforming, negativity becomes less familiar, and ease and joy becomes more automatic and natural. The contrast of life becomes adventure instead of struggle. Eventually, every moment of the adventure called Life is the practice.

Kriste Brushaber is a holistic movement and life guide, and founder of Homeostasis Movement™