Program Overview

Embracing Change

The Homeostasis Movement program is for those who are ready to explore and embody a new way of BE-ing: thinking, feeling and moving that opens the flow of new possibility.  This requires courageously implementing significant changes in every aspect of daily life, such as:

  • Exploring fresh ideas about health and ability based on new science, backed by timeless wisdom.
  • Learning how the bodymind naturally functions from a holistic perspective.
  • Consciously resetting the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System), a.k.a. reaction to stress, by adopting mindfulness and breath practices offered. 
  • Consciously adapting current movement and postural habits in daily activities.
  • Replacing biomechanically poor shoes with minimalist styles, and eliminating restrictive clothing such as tight jeans.
  • Creating healthy and adaptable environments at home and work.
  • Deciding what personality traits no longer serve, and which you would like to practice.
  • Reviewing and prioritizing commitments.  Learning to let go of volume and types of responsibility that are no longer serving your wellbeing.  

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