Natural Foot Dynamics

Barefoot fitness and lifestyle practices: running, walking, hiking, yoga & more, has become more popular in the fields of health and fitness.  Natural foot dynamics are integral to the Homeostasis Movement™ program.  And being a holistic approach, it’s not all about the foot.  When presenting biomechanical, physiological, psychological, and energetic foot education with experiential exercises, these concepts are integrated with whole-bodymind dynamics as swiftly as possible.Barefoot Reflexology Path Homeostasis Movement

Depending on the individual, it can be a chicken-or-egg scenario: if someone has disconnection elsewhere in the body, are self-conscious about their feet, feel feet are icky or ugly, or fears they can’t trust themselves to avoid imagined danger, the communication from and to the feet won’t be efficient.  A foot can only behave as well as the communication it clearly receives from all sources through environment and bodymind, bare or shod.  Barefoot practices can significantly contribute to rewiring communication networks— what I call “blind spots”— throughout the bodymind, but must be integrated with additional practices that functionally and holistically “map the territory”.

Letting go of fashion trends that dictate styles of footwear is necessary.  Aside from avoiding shoes that hinder the body, this contributes to the holistic upgrading of individual wellbeing by opening the door of healthier, self-empowered expression free from the need to receive approval from others.

Anyone can intellectually understand the concepts of barefoot biomechanics, or become somewhat conditioned with specific foot exercises and intermittent practice of walking, hiking or running… and is a place to start.  Yet a goal within the Homeostasis Movement™ program is to authentically embody natural foot dynamics where conscious attention eventually becomes obsolete.  For any movement or health concept to become a natural part of who we are as part of the bodymind’s subconscious communication system, an adaptable, holistic approach unique to each person is necessary.  For foot dynamics, this includes the willingness to go all the way: completely eliminating biomechanically poor shoes, and choosing bare feet when possible.  

Most importantly, as any choice made for our wellbeing, embracing the amazing, adaptable natural foot must become part of a wholehearted shift into living from a new level of bodymind consciousness: a higher awareness governing our perception of ourselves and the environment at every moment, which will ultimately determine both our immediate safety and overall health potential.