About Kriste Brushaber

K Brushaber Gratitude 2014“My mission is guiding those preoccupied with physical pathology into holistic awareness, opening a joyful path of self-healing and empowerment to welcome and participate in life at their highest potential.  We all possess high-level talents to richly co-create a positive future, yet many are critically distracted with resolvable physical issues perpetuated by emotional, environmental, or social stressors.  To discern health from vanity, and desire to improve from destructive competition are part of the process.  When we update beliefs about wellbeing, we allow our bodymind’s inherent ability to heal, adapt and thrive”.

Kriste Brushaber
Self Actualization Coach
Holistic Movement Specialist & Intuitive Life Guide

Kriste Brushaber is an experienced holistic movement specialist and intuitive life guide, dedicated to elevate human health potential aligned with individual life purpose.  Having the fortune of collaborating with forward-thinking wellness professionals, combined with a wide variety of challenging clientele primarily in a rehabilitation and holistic health setting, she has dedicated the past decade distilling the most essential information into a progressive program relevant and adaptable for all.

Known for her strong intuition, Kriste has guided many to see past symptoms and recognize root causes of disfunction or distress, unique to each person.  This ability enables her to efficiently customize each client’s program.

Kriste began her movement journey with dance and gymnastics in childhood, then competitive sports: soccer, track, volleyball, swimming, weight lifting, and lacrosse.  Personally struggling with chronic fatigue, depression, and frequent migraines, she observed that a majority of sports and dance participants suffered from significant physical and psychological pathologies in spite of their practice— realizing the critical difference between movement for competitive performance, and movement for lifelong health, joy and daily function.  Introduced to the Pilates and GYROTONIC® methods in 1993, she became a discerning teacher the old fashioned way: years of practicing, observing, and working with a variety of talented master teachers and therapists with backgrounds ranging form classical and evolved Pilates methods, physical therapy, Feldenkrais®, The Franklin Method™, multiple bodywork modalities, homeopathy, nutrition, acupuncture, energy work methods, and various fitness specialists.  As a master teacher of Pilates, she mentored rehabilitation and fitness professionals to learn, experience, then adapt the method for ever-evolving human challenges and individual needs as Joseph Pilates did for each of his students.

Kriste is currently studying the science of heart rate variability (HRV), heart resonance, and how beliefs, thoughts and emotions mold our health and life experience.  She believes in the integral power of the body, mind, heart, and Spirit;  harnessing the inherent ability humans have to heal themselves, become intentional co-creators of their lives, and joyfully thrive thereafter.  She is dedicated to lifelong learning as science explores quantum physics, epigenetics, and neuroplasticity— and, as common human beings share their unique experiences of awakening and transformation.

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