Wellness is a Natural State of Being

The Homeostasis Movement™ private coaching program teaches Somanoetics™: combining holistic biomechanics and life coaching which boldly integrates body-mind-heart-spirit.  Natural movement, breathing and mindfulness methods are utilized for self-discovery and practice. Somanoetics™ offers versatile tools for empowerment and transformation.

Is this YOU?

  • I have been doing all the right things, such as exercising and eating well, and still do not experience the vitality I know is possible. Or,
  • I have chronic pain or dysfunction, and although therapies and treatments may have helped, I have exhausted the recommended options and still feel there is something else I can do. Or,
  • I do not enjoy traditional ways recommended to stay healthy, and therefore I do not experience full benefit from them or keep up with disciplined practice. I feel there are alternatives to enable me to experience a healthier life. I know I am a unique person, and what helps others may not help me. Or,
  • I am ready to explore what “holistic” means in a powerful way that makes sense to me. Or,
  • I want to learn more about the amazing bodymind in a way that empowers me to appreciate and utilize mine.

Somanoetics™ holistic coaching program is not for the seeker of the next fitness secret or a quick-fix to pain or dysfunction. Beyond healing, being pain-free or generally fit:

The intention of Somanoetics™ is to powerfully awaken, explore and embody an authentically holistic relationship with your bodymind so you can enjoy Life.  

Are you ready to discover your health and life potential?

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