We Believe Wellness is a Natural State of Being

The Homeostasis Movement™ private coaching program teaches Somanoetics™: holistic biomechanics which boldly applies true body-mind-spirit collaboration.  Natural movement, breathing and mindfulness methods are utilized for self-discovery and practice. Somanoetics™ offers versatile tools to create your healthy, happy, purposeful life— supported by your powerful bodymind.

Kriste Brushaber, holistic movement specialist and creator of Somanoetics™, offers customized guidance for people who realize common exercise practices, therapies, medications, and medical procedures aren’t restoring or maintaining their optimal health potential for the long-term.  Based on the latest scientific research in epigenetics and neuroplasticity, sessions focus on: elevating somatic aptitude, breaking disempowering subconscious habits, and integrating adaptable movement practices and stress management into every aspect of life.  Together, we build the foundation and ability to support your own wellness and life purpose.

Somanoetics™ is not for the seeker of the next fitness secret or a quick-fix to pain or dysfunction. Beyond healing, being pain-free or generally fit:

The intention of Somanoetics™ is to powerfully awaken, create and embody an authentically holistic relationship with your bodymind you always knew, but did not allow yourself to believe was possible.  

Are you ready to discover your health and life potential?